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487 Macdonough St
Brooklyn NY 11233

Reachout International Records is an independent music label founded by Neil Cooper in New York City in 1979. 

Currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Dr. Israel - Presents Dreadtone International 'Patterns of War' (Digital)


Dr. Israel - Presents Dreadtone International 'Patterns of War' (Digital)


Dr. Israel - Presents Dreadtone International 'Patterns of War' (Digital)


Think Massive Attack vs. Sade vs. Bob Marley. Heavy, heavy bass lines, thundering beats, beautiful melodies, pristinely produced vocals, and conscious lyrics paint an overall soundscape which is as powerful as it is unique.

“His compelling music, his beautiful voice, and his powerful presence are so fucking impressive that you know he’s gonna be huge. So sit back, chill out and inhale the wisdom, then go out and buy the damn disc!” —Steve Blush, SECONDS


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Tracklist: 1. Counting Out Stones  2. Tetze (Get Out)  3. Cover Me  4. Sensimellia  5. Interference  6. Stay with Me  7. Dread Inna Babylon  8. One  9. Patterns of War  10. Counting Out Dubs  11. Occupation Dub  12. Dub with Me  13. Tetze