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487 Macdonough St
Brooklyn NY 11233

Reachout International Records is an independent music label founded by Neil Cooper in New York City in 1979. 

Currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Lee "Scratch" Perry - Technomajikal (Digital)


Lee "Scratch" Perry - Technomajikal (Digital)


Lee "Scratch" Perry - Technomajikal (Digital)


A collaboration between Dieter Meier of Yello (“The Godfather of Electronic Music”) and Lee “Scratch” Perry (a/k/a “The Upsetter” and “Super Ape”).

A glorious hybrid of electronic dance frenzy produced at Dieter’s Switzerland studio with reggae superstar Lee “Scratch” Perry.

“Listening to these primal ramblings backed by melodic sitars, hypnotic tablas, throbbing didgeridoos, jungle-beat synth samples, and Kraftwerkian choruses leads to an ambient hallucinogenic virt-aural sur-reality trip. An entire genre of music for techno-ravers is about to be invaded by Pipecock Jaxson! The world, as we knew it, is about to change forever.” – Reggae Runnings


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