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487 Macdonough St
Brooklyn NY 11233

Reachout International Records is an independent music label founded by Neil Cooper in New York City in 1979. 

Currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

10Ft Ganja Plant - Bush Rock (CD/LP)


10Ft Ganja Plant - Bush Rock (CD/LP)


10Ft Ganja Plant - Bush Rock (CD/LP)

from 12.98

“Bush Rock comes as a pleasant reggae and dub surprise in these modern times. Excellent job from 10 Ft. Ganja Plant.” – Reggae Vibes

ROIR’s fifth album with 10Ft. Ganja Plant, “Bush Rock”, is their most inspired and accomplished to date charting at #16 on the Billboard charts for reggae. Bush Rock includes vocals by Kyle McDonald of Slightly Stoopid & features the core crew of 10 Ft Ganja Plant.

Also available 10Ft Ganja merch!

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Tracklist:  1. Machete Strike  2. Soon Come  3. Too Much Gun A Bust  4. Cool and Collect  5. 10Ft Ganja Plant and Weed  6. Bush Rock  7. Head Shrinker  8. Wailin’  9. Set Me Free  10. Got To Be A Soldier  11. The Cyclops