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487 Macdonough St
Brooklyn NY 11233

Reachout International Records is an independent music label founded by Neil Cooper in New York City in 1979. 

Currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Mekons - New York On The Road '86-'87 (CD)


Mekons - New York On The Road '86-'87 (CD)


Mekons - New York On The Road '86-'87 (CD)

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“This qualifies as a great live album because it makes you wish you were there.”– New Musical Express UK

“A Minus!” – Robert Christgau, Christgau’s Guide ‘The 80’s Recordings’

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Tracklist: 1. Chicago Introduction  2. Big Zombie  3. Trouble Down South  4. My Body J.F.K., Pt. 1  5. Slightly South of the Border  6. The Story of Nothing  7. Tex Rico  8. Flitcraft at the Iron Horse  9. Moby Dick/Shallow Bourgeois Smile  10. Dadaist Rhetoric in Boston  11.  Prince of Darkness  12. My Body J.F.K., Pt. 2  13. Abernant 84/87  14. Tommy 15. San Francisco D.J./Audience Participation  16. I Can't Find My Money  17. Robert and Steven in the Heartbreak Hotel  18.The Shape I'm In  19. Hard to Be Human  20. Beaten and Broken at Garage d'Or  21. Not Long Ago  22. My Body J.F.K., Pt. 3  23. Shanty  24. My Body in Chicago  25. Revenge  26. Sophie  27. Chivalry  28. Where Were You?  29. Never Been in a Riot