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487 Macdonough St
Brooklyn NY 11233

Reachout International Records is an independent music label founded by Neil Cooper in New York City in 1979. 

Currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

The Skatalites - Stretching Out (2CD/2xLP)


The Skatalites - Stretching Out (2CD/2xLP)


The Skatalites - Stretching Out (2CD/2xLP)

from 16.98

In 1983 Herbie Miller, manager of Peter Tosh brought the original Skatalites (minus the late Don Drummond) back to Jamaica from all over the world to perform at the 1983 Jamaica Sunsplash.

The Skatalites had broken up 18 years earlier, after their short career of two years (1963-1965). Personal disagreements, conflicts and animosities had driven these inventors of Ska and master musicians to seek their own future as individual artists.

There were no restrictions on the length of sets, no barriers on solos or improvisational experiments, and no recording studio limits on how long each song should last. They stretched out, played out, and had a joyous 18th anniversary celebration and reunion.

Fortunately, Miller recorded the rehearsals and nightclub performances and captured for history (and dance – mad Ska mavens) all the spontaneity, fire, electricity, and good fellowship of that unique moment. Ska at its best by the greatest Ska musicians in the world!

“Sounds better than the 60’s studio rarities”. – Robert Christgau,

“Skank that swings like a cat in a very small space” – Melody Maker U.K.

“Marathon Ska blow-out courtesy of ROIR. Fans of The Specials, The Beat and the entire Ska/Blue Beat revival will find this get together of the original teachers a treat.” NME U.K.

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Tracklist: 1. Freedom Sounds  2. Bridge View  3. Latin Goes Ska  4. Tear Up  5. Guns of Navarone  6. Man in the Street  7. Come Dung  8. Big Trombone  9. Ska Ba  10. Road Block  11. Eastern Standard Time 12. Confucius  13. Lee Harvey Oswald  14. Black Sunday 15. Mood for Ska 16. Fidel Castro 17. El Pussy Cat 18. Four Corners 19. Exodus 20. Old Fowl  21. Fidel Castro  22. Welcome Back Home